Cabaret of War/2007-2010

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Since I felt, that I absolutely had to do something, and times were hardly suitable for any serious practise, I decided to amuse myself, with the praise of Folly – Erasmus of Rotterdam in the dedication of his book, ”the praise of folly” to his friend Thomas More”. 1511

Cabaret of War is was series of presentations of my collection of Jokes from Warfilms; films and jokes that are both good and bad, heroic and desillusioned, good oldfashioned, contemporary and complicated. Up until now, the collection has been presented in three different performative versions, all titled Cabaret of War:

Cabaret of War version 1, A hazy outline of what is to come:  Was a prophesying shadowplay, about being so in the middle of things, that they seem but unclear contours – which is probably one reason why it can be so hard to determine whether some wars are wars or not.

Cabaret of war version 2 – A Praise of Folly
 Is an allnight cabaret show, with silly music, cheap drinks, howling mic’s and a bad taste in your mouth that made you want to clear your throat with a strong drink. It was a dinnershow with singing actresses and dinner – a night of laughing hysterically and insistently at something that is not really funny..

Cabaret of War version 3 – proactive stupidity
Is a onewoman show, with a selection of jokes about the warfilm-notion of a  difference between taking action and thinking too much – It is a show about education and brutality, finer things and dynamic things. In this show I play all the parts myself, together with a projection of me, acting in the light of history, on a background of representatons of war from media and arthistory.

Cabaret of War version 4 – The End
While Shrek 4 the final chapter is released, and all the world is consumed in the question of whether or not the world is coming to an end, I presented a number of jokes about the end, asking the question if there is a real chance of moving on in this world. This will probably also the be last version of my presentations of jokes from warfilms

Cabaret of War version 4 – The End – Filmed by Valdemar Siverstein Markussen –

Cabaret of war version 2 – Proactive Stupidity


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