Me me me


New research suggests that when we talk about ourself it releases some of the same chemicals in the body as sexual pleasure, food and money, so here we go:

I was  born in 1975, at the birthclinic “Fødselsanstalten” in Aarhus. That is now closed. I graduated with an MFA in art and arttheory from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2006. That is still there. Since then I have worked with extensively and experimentally with theatre, television, parenting, nursing, videoediting, comedy, performance, selfdeceit, curating, naked truths and more. At the moment I am mostly talking out of my ass.

I often work with longterm projects where I work and research my way through different aspects of a topic or a concept in a variety of different medias and contexts.

I have shown my work both locally, internationally, in art-centres as well as in perfectly inconspicuous locations.