A speech to the silent majority


from 2010 to 2011 I held a series of speeches to the silent majority – following up on an interest in silence and majorities from Cabaret og War from 2007 and “the common man and womans committee” from 2006. 

The speech for the silent majority, is an outcry against outspoken times where I feel that too many unnecessary sincerities are shouted out manically maybe in fear of being labelled politically correct. In this speech, I try the difficult task of saying nothing eloquently, and of speaking without saying anything at all.

As my positive example I draw on commemorative silences held since WW1, John Cage’s silence in 3 movements 4.33– as well as a number of other great historic moments of emptyness, from the enlightenment to the facebook-age.

In the latest version of the speech, (see video above)  I translated it all from english to arabic and back to english again in google translate, ending with a translation of the famous dada words (dadamanifesto, Hugo Ball, 1916)

”dada m’dada, dada m’dada dada mhm, dada dera dada, dada Hue, dada Tza”

..which through this process became:

”m’dada Dada, Dada Dada m’dada important, Dera Dada dada, dada Hue, dadaTza”

…with that “important” in mind –  I took the chance to utter a hope for a new revolutionary language of alternative sense.