New research suggests that when we talk about ourself it releases some of the same chemicals in the body as sexual pleasure, food and money, so here we go:

I was  born in 1975, at the birthclinic “Fødselsanstalten” in Aarhus. That is now closed. I graduated with an MFA in art and arttheory from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2006. That is still there. Since then I have worked with extensively and experimentally with theatre, television, parenting, nursing, videoediting, comedy, performance, not thinking of white bears, curating, naked truths and more. At the moment I am mostly talking out of my ass

I often work with longterm projects where I work and research my way through different aspects of a topic or a concept in a variety of different medias and contexts.

I have shown my work both locally, internationally, in art-centres as well as in perfectly inconspicuous locations. I am also continuously involved and invested in experimenting with the ways in which art is shown and distributed, and I consider my involvement in various exhibition platforms, and thus also other artists work and the infrastructure around the arts, to be an important part of my artistic practise and thematic as well

A bit more about me:
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